School District No. 83 North Okanagan - Shuswap


Core Values
1. For learning to occur, our relationships inside and outside the classroom need to be respectful and caring.
2. Joy, fun, satisfaction and celebration are essential to learning.
3. To nurture creativity and innovation is to motivate and encourage commitment to learning.
4. It is important to approach all issues and problems with a positive attitude focused on finding solutions collaboratively.
5. Students and their learning are our prime focus.
6. We need to build on the diversity and strengths of students, staff, and families.
7. The pursuit of both excellence and participation are worthy of our attention and support.


Address / Contact Info

341 Shuswap St. S.W Salmon Arm, BCV1E
Mailing address:
School District No. 83
Box 129
Salmon Arm, B.C
V1E 4N2, Canada

Phone Numbers

Phone : (250) 832-2157
Fax : (250) 832-9428

Service Details

Languages spoken: English

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This program was last updated on 22 Nov 2016.